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Mole End Software create software to work with Sellerdeck / Actinic's range of e-commerce products, if you do not have a copy of Actinic / Sellerdeck and download a trial copy, then come back and let us make your life easier

You will find many items here to make your life with Sellerdeck / Actinic much easier freeing up valuable time that you would normally have to spend on site administration.

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How to sell your Actinic products on EbayGetting your Actinic products into Google Shopping
Process your Ebay, Amazon and Playtrade ordersHow to sell your Actinic products on Amazon
Using Royal Mail Despatch Manager Online (DMO) with ActinicAutomatically printing your Actinic orders with BusinessPost/UKMail
How to automatically Drop Ship orders with Actinic
Using Actinic with Metapack
Exporting your Actinic Orders to QuickbooksExporting your Actinic Orders to Quickbooks Exporting your Actinic Orders to SageExporting your Actinic Orders to Sage

Buy Integrated Label paper for Actinic
Improve your order processing by including the parcel's label on the same paper as the invoice or packing slip
Single Integrated Label Invoice Paper is generally used by  shops that sell to retail customers, where the invoice goes to the same address as the goods
1 label for delivery address
Buy Single Label Integrated Label Invoice Paper to use with Actinic, Ebay, Amazon, Playtrade and eBid
2 label integrated label invoice paper is generally used by shops that deal with other businesses where the invoice can go to a different location to the goods. Using the software supplied you can also design your own 2nd label
2 labels for invoice and delivery address
Buy Double Label Integrated Label Invoice Paper to use with Actinic, Ebay, Amazon, Playtrade and eBid
Receive a free sample of integrated label invoice paper to try out.
Free sample of single and double paper
Receive a free sample of the different types of integrated label invoice paper to use with Actinic, Ebay, Amazon, Playtrade and eBid
When you buy the paper software is included to use the integrated label paper with the Actinic Packing List and Data Entry report (as well as the Invoice). The same paper also works with Ebay, Amazon, Playtrade and eBid (using the free software supplied with the paper).

Best Sellers

One Stop Order Processing


Streamlined Order Processing for Actinic with multi user option. Batch order processing including printing, shipping, formatting addresses, HTML customer emails, custom order export, customer account creation, order tracking, additional custom order properties and more. Saves time and leaves you free to concentrate on running your business. 30 Free trial
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Googlebase/Google Product Search Mash 12 Month License


Quickly and easily add your products to Googlebase and Froogle. Can be automated to keep Google up to date with your Actinic shop. 30 day free trial. Mashes also available for Googlebase, Kelkoo, Ebay, Shopzilla, Paid On Results, Amazon, Affiliate Window, WebGains, PriceRunner, PlayTrade, The Peoples Web, Google Sitemap and Yahoo Sitemap.
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Catalog Sorting Tool - 12 Month License


One click product and section sorting for Sellerdeck . Free upgrades to any Sellerdeck version while license is current (except Sellerdeck Enterprise. Click here for Sellerdeck Enterprise version)30 day free trial.
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New Products



New feed available for Shopping.com. Feeds generation and upload can now be fully automated.
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Integrated Label paper for Sellerdeck

Improve your packaging process by using an invoice, packing list or data entry report with peel-off address label(s). Paper and software available for Actinic V4 to V9
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Order Processing Software by 1StopOrdersInvoice Paper supplied by www.Labz.co.uk
Integrated Label Invoice Paper for Amazon and Ebay
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