Mole End Highlight Colour Manager for Actinic V7 and above


With the Mole End Highlight Colour Manager for Actinic Ecommerce V7, V8, V9 and V10 you can easily change and add colours to Actinic to easily highlight specific orders.

Changing the colours that Actinic uses for each order
After starting the Highlight Colour Manager for Actinic you are shown a dialog similar to one shown below :

This shows you the colours in the same order as they are listed for use within Actinic. You can change the order of the colours by using the Move up and Move down buttons. The currently selected colour is moved up or down the list by pressing the relevant button. You can add your own colours by using the New colour button. This will display the following dialog :

This allows you to enter a name for the colour and a specific colour to use. This name is not displayed in Actinic. However, a future release of One Stop Order Processing will allow the assignment of colours to orders and will also display the colour's meaning (its name). To change the colour use the Change colour button. This will display the standard system colour selection dialog.

To amend an existing colour use the Edit colour button. You can create up to 27 colours for use within Actinic.

Once you are happy with the colours use the Save colours button. These will then be applied to the Actinic database.

Any colours previously assigned to orders (within Actinic) will not be affected if the source colour is amended within the Highlight Colour Manager.

You can reset the colours back to the Actinic defaults by using the Restore default colours button.