Customer Comments

Thanks for your prompt service. I'd also like to say "" how did I manage without this ? "" One stop automation is amazing, it saves so much time and also updates the stock after downloading the orders. Thanks so much for helping me with this and for offering the free 30 day trial. Keep up the good work !

Joanna - Essential Oils Online

It is rare I buy software that really does not what it says on the box. I am really impressed with your Mash software. It saves so much time and simplifies things to a click of the mouse, but then you already know that. Great support too!

Marc - Floral Symphonies

Mole end labels and software are an absolute must for any Actinic site. Great product and service. How did we manage without them..

Simon Howard -

We are finding your software indispensable for our Sales office, it is also faster to interrogate Mole End than to find information directly off Actinic!

John Sollars @

Your software is invaluable! I could not run my business without it. Even though I only use the stock control element, as my site is made up of hundreds of one-off items, it is the only way I can keep my Actinic site up to date without having to glue myself to my PC!

Tracey Hand - Budget Bumps

Wonderful labels : Just tried it out and it's absolutely brilliant, has taken me about 1 minute to produce 3 days worth of labels - and that was because I'd not put enough labels in the printer!

Miranda Stamp - Twinkle Twinkle

Thanks for your invaluable help, not only over the last few days, but also since we were fortunate enough to discover Mole End Software. Your excellent programs and advice have played an essential role in our company's continuing development.

Roger Burton - Inkmasters

We find your software extremely useful and I am very pleased we found you. In fact it would be difficult for us to run our business as we do at present without your software.

Dave Harris - Something For The Wickend

One Stop Automation has given me back about 2 hours each day! Worth every penny.

Andrew Wilkinson -

Your software has revolutionised our order processing and I could not work the way I do without it.|

Ian - Liqueurs de France

Orders have tripled since using Google Mash! I upload my site to Google, Yahoo & Google Products (was Froogle) every day and it's so easy - best £40 I've ever spent. Thankyou for a BRILLIANT product.

Hettie - Natural Child Ltd

Your software has been wonderful and we use it all the time 24/7

Johnny Wachsmann - Antique Watch

Your software is extremely useful - cuts out about 2 hours of repetition each day for us!!

John Pickering - Eezy Trade

I use the ME_Sort at least once a week. It helps to keep things sorted so the Store sections display in an alphabetized manner. Thank you for this great add-on.

Albert R. Toia - More than a gift

Thank you very much for such fast response to our requirements. I just wish we could have service of that level everywhere.

Mario - ITQ Solutions Limited

(One stop order processing,) Superb time saving software, a must for any busy Actinic site. Great help and support from Mole End. Keep up the good work !

Richard Unsworth -

The recent introduction of Mole End's Stock Link utility has been a huge success. We now know what is the right stock level on the shelf, and can set the "warnings level" so that we can re-order in time to avoid those short shortages which inevitably lead to having to spend time managing order exceptions, and even applying refunds.

Stock control across mulitple sites with multiple suppliers and multiple users no longer is anywhere as daunting as it was, it's easy to set up, easy to use and easy to manage.

We would recommend Stock Link for anyone who wants to be in control of their stock, and their time.

Steve Morton - Party Junction

Following our upgrading of Actinic Catalog to version 8, we received very quick and very efficient service from Mole End. Thank you very much ...

Neil Fellowes - Langleys Toys

... we use One-Stop Order Processing (which is excellent and has saved us an unbelievable amount of time ).

Liz Sewell - The Cotton Patch

(One Stop Automation) Thanks a lot, the software is running really well. I am really pleased that I purchased the multi site version it is going to make life so easy.

Jay - Bikini Shack

(One Stop Order Processing) If it saves us time and money it has to be good. And this does just that. Well worth the asking price.

Ben Jones - Merlin Archery Centre

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